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Kuke Announces Commencement of 24th Beijing Music Festival

BEIJING, Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kuke Music Holding Limited ("Kuke" or the "Company") (NYSE: KUKE), a leading provider of classical music content, licensing, subscription, and smart music learning solutions in China, today announced that the 24th Beijing Music Festival ("BMF," or the "Festival") will commence on October 9th and run until October 24th, celebrating this year's theme of "Masters and Celebrations." Spanning across 16 days, the Festival will host audiences featuring 18 sets in 20 main concerts, encompassing genres including symphonic music, opera, vocal music, chamber music, percussion music, and orchestral film music.

The 24th BMF will not only host exciting professional performances, but will also feature children's concerts, "Music at Noon" concerts, master classes, lectures, and other public events for various audiences. These programs will serve to facilitate multi-dimensional dialogue between Chinese and foreign composers. It will also feature performances of masterpieces including some of China's premier compositions of various genres, paying tribute to the pathfinders and innovators in the long history of classical music while presenting a magnificent, panoramic view of classical music culture.

Mr. Long Yu, Director of Kuke and founder of the Beijing Music Festival, commented, "Building a platform for young musicians to showcase their talents and letting the world hear the voices of young Chinese musicians are the most dedicated missions of the Beijing Music Festival. We have been ceaselessly exploring new changes and innovations in our performances over the years. Hosting performances such as our 'Urban Series,' 'Immersive Opera,' and our 'Music Carnival' at key commercial landmarks in Beijing, reflects our endeavors to showcase the cutting edge of music culture to audiences through the lens of an international and innovative perspective, as we continue our persistence in promoting the festival and expanding its cultural influence."

Mr. He Yu, Chief Executive Officer of Kuke, commented, "We are very excited to celebrate another year of the Beijing Music Festival. The festival not only entertains and delights classical music fans, but also serves as a platform to showcase the musical talents of young Chinese musicians and plant the seeds of appreciation for classical music in the next generation of musical talent. This serves as an important part of our classical music learning ecosystem, which we have established to serve the entire career development cycle of music students from inception to album publishing. We have spared no effort in organizing our 24th Beijing Music Festival and look forward to entertaining music fans, showcasing the amazing musical talent in our programs, and enhancing appreciation of classical music to amplify the impact of elegant music worldwide."

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Kuke is China's leading comprehensive music group encompassing the entire value chain from content provision to education services. By collaborating with its sister company Naxos, the world's largest independent classical music content provider in the world, the foundation of Kuke's extensive classical music content library is its unparalleled access to more than 900 top-tier record companies. Leveraging its market leadership in copyrighted classical music content in China, Kuke provides highly scalable classical music licensing and subscription services to over 700 universities, libraries and online music platforms. In addition, it has hosted Beijing Music Festival ("BMF"), the most renowned music festival in China, for 23 consecutive years. At the same time, Kuke provides consumers with premium music content, music literacy education, talent competitions, and public performances through its apps, Kuke Music and BMF Club. Through KUKEY, the Company's proprietary AI music education system, Kuke aims to democratize music education via technological innovation, bring fascinating music content and professional music techniques to more students, and continuously improve the efficiency and penetration of music learning. By integrating music content and education, Kuke is constructing a unique AI-driven music education ecosystem and providing students with full life-cycle music programs.

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